Very Frightening Me - Acrylic, spray paint and Krink on linen, 30x40 inches

Having studied art at school, I took a prolonged break of not producing any pieces until after I had finished university. Once I moved to London from Essex, I didn't want to just sit in front of the television every night. So I decided to get back into art and have produced around 3 pieces a year since 2005. Art is a hobby that I enjoy to do in my spare time. I have no formal training but over the last year or two, have looked at ways to get my art out there into the wider public space. Although I have displayed my work in London at a few small exhibitions, I am now looking to branch out even further and gain as much exposure as possible. My work is inspired by a number of different factors - found pieces from magazines & cuttings, graffiti, pop art, bold colours, plays on words, and a haphazard style in the sense that I do not produce any preparation pieces before hand.

Vortical Flow - Acrylic, spray paint and Krink on linen, 30x40 inches

I have an idea inspired by these found pieces or ideas and then go straight to the canvas to start the piece. Despite the lack of prep work, once I start the piece, I work quite slowly to obtain the desired effect rather than a quick finish although sometimes the work may indicate otherwise. I like to produce pieces that could be described as talking points and provoke reaction but not just for the sake of it. It's just a case of thinking of an idea or finding something that interests me and then getting to work on it.