A red bean

A red bean, Acrylic painting on canvas, 60x40cm

Melancholy with a dog

Melancholy with a dog, Acrylic painting on canvas, 60x40cm.

I've been an artist since I was born. I created from the moment when I was pulled out from my mother's womb in 1983. All kinds of art and crafts have been a basis of my existence, no matter if the results were used professionally or as a hobbyist. It's hard to list all the fields of art in which I have found my fulfillness - it's such a big number ; recently I've focused on surreal acrylic painting.

A characteristic of most of my paintings are dense and precise patterns, which compose simple forms. It's a complexity of simplicity, showed by me for two reasons. First is my love for complicated constructions and ornaments. The second one is my way of perceiving the world as seemingly chaotic structure, from which a deeper meaning emerges after all. Observing nature, I find both in it both honest simplicity and chaos, complexity and variety, that compose that simplicity. Those characteristics are universal in my opinion, not only in nature but also in the everyday life of a civilized human.

I am self taught. When I got to the moment of my life, when I could choose my education, I purposely decided not to study arts. I've been convinced that I have to keep my creative freedom, independence and spontaneity - those are necessary conditions for my arts to become reality.

It's a pleasure to invite you all to see my artworks.