Lost time
Anzabi's new project called the vulnerable series is about women and their roles in life and their effect on war.The decaying flower in the middle is a symbol of a life destroyed by war. The women is a symbol for fertility, which emphasises how women are vulnerable in war and even more at risk of being affected by war. The soldiers are confused as to why they are in this war with the people they are against as they know the war in reality is not between the people ,but between authority figures. This is presented through the head of the soldier which has exploded.

Aziz Anzabi has tried to highlight the poignancy and hardship in migration, revealing that for most refugees migration for a better life is just a dream. They have to keep changing from one situation to another. Authority figures are not affected by war but rather it is the people who are the victims of war. the people inside the ditch are representative of the people who flee and pass the borders from their country to another. In reality they are jut carrying their worries and problems with them, and cannot escape their past. The use of black highlights the depth of this tragedy , while the gold colour for the background where the king is, demonstrates the peace he has within his own pyramid.