Don't judge her by her cover
Original, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 102cm x 66cm

This painting is miraculously alluring to the eyes. The featureless lady in the middle is eccentric and haunts your eyes every time you stare at it. It is obvious that Aziz has tried to indicate/ open up a passage to the thoughts of the audience through his engraved symbol: below the women's chest. Aziz has passed down Persian symbols for a long time on his obscuring ,detailed paintings, which to me now thinking about it feels like he is not just trying to create a new style of his own but again trying to open the eyes of the audience to the art world with his paintings full of clandestine tales. However what really interests me is that the woman's face is simply not bland but filled with many little veins to create a marble effect. On the left side of her face there is a colossal peel, almost like paper etched on the lavish marble, akin like a scar . The diamond shaped emerald shapes fading back in the background look like scant dancing trees moving with the emollient tune of the wind. The woman/girl is fascinating through her abnormal body shape and yet awful and ghoulish every time you glare at it. The painting absorbs you whole with great force whenever you beam at it. Overall I think that this work is very bewitching and pleasant every now and again to see, sometimes even assuring. Review by: Asra Y

Deja vu
Original, Oil on canvas

In different periods of time art and corporate world have had a tight communication and a effective interaction on each other. In this work the antique Greek pottery is a symbol of the western and I have changed the symbol and meaning of the potter's tale by replacing a coca-cola bottle between the two soldiers instead of the original image and the surprise looks of the soldiers for what they have found is incredibly odd in their own century. Under the pottery using a symbol of iranian miniature for representing the westerns and replacing the logo of coca-cola instead of the Iranian calligraphy I have tried to show the effect of the corporate world on art and culture .
The deep effect of these corporate world on the life of people is shown using the ancient pottery and the crumpled paper containing the picture of a miniature.