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Chloe Hula

Chloe Hula is a 22 year old self-taught artist from the UK.

She began painting pottery at the age of 10 in a pottery shop located in Weston-super-Mare, where her detailing and accuracy was admired by the shop owner, who soon asked Chloe to paint for their display windows.

This free-hand creativity continued throughout her early life as she began drawing masterpieces on her classmates with a biro, to which she then pursued (with a henna cone, not pen ink) once she left school.

She soon began to find pleasure and tranquility in painting her wildest dreams, as surrealism is aimed to revolutionise human experience, rejecting a rational vision of life in favour of one that asserted the value of the unconscious. This has since allowed her to create a selection of weird and wonderful pieces that can be perceived in a multitude of ways.


Chloe Hula