Christine Bleny is a French artist who chose to live in the UK some years ago to continue her artistic career as a creator of fine art. Inspired by Klimt, Gauguin, Japanese art and Art Nouveau, her work is much sort-after by collectors in both the USA and Europe. Her art work however, does not stop with canvases in oil. Commissioned to produce art covers for CDs and DVDs (ARC Music local world music label), Christine Bleny has many artistic and creative skills to hand.

Having lived and worked in Switzerland, Germany, France and England Christine has developed a fine sense of their diverse cultures and traditions. As a result she is able to create a transposition of perception from the actual world onto the canvas and visa versa.

Her purpose is to create aesthetic art using subjects placed in different settings. Some are real, some are unreal and some express an almost fairytale quality. Characters of mystery immerge occupying the space and dream that is created for them. Her featured figures denote a spiritual quality that is unique in the fine art world. Trained in fine art techniques over 20 years ago her real passion for painting in oil began when she met and took further training under an artist and teacher Alain Maymo (a French artist living and working in Spain).