I'm interested in decay, distressed or worn and used objects, dark humor, emotions, and the underlying stories often overlooked. I love Surrealism, Pop Surrealism, Fantasy and Lowbrow, but don't strictly define my work in any of those genres because often I stray outside of them.

My preferred mediums are oil and occasionally acrylic. I use traditional methods such as the Flemish seven layer method to build dense, r ich backgrounds, and these days often mix accidental/abstract components with realism to create my landscapes and scenes.

Many of my images and ideas come from my dreams and early fantasies. As a child, I had a very active imagination and I'm still working with thoughts and stories from my past. I'm influenced by fantasy, horror, science fiction, my life experiences and what I see around me in the world today. Some of my themes are completely imaginative and brightly whimsical, others more political and intensely disturbing. To all of this I sometimes add a lowbrow twist, often with dark humor.