Reptilian Influence


Recent works of mine are included in a Florence Contemporary Gallery book publication "50 Artists To Watch 2023". The images present here are surreal which is always with us. We live in a world of unbelievable happenings. Surreal images relate reality that is not sometime understandable. When ideas clash, worlds clash. Incongruous events are everywhere arounds us. To capture such realms can be an artist's forte of surrealism.

Art can reflect reality but not all reality is the same. Combining dreams and intuition can magically convey the world of others leading to mutual understanding. Surrealism is in some ways a very real world as people express their trials and search for solving their journey to understand their dreams and desires as they live their life. Surrealism is dream-like and our dreams defy our reality. When trying to capture these ideas we create astonishing images of surrealism.