A colleague categorised my work as 'Phantasmagorical' rather than surreal, which I quite like. A great deal of it is symbolism which could be regarded as not surreal, though a lot of it is a mystery to me as much as to any viewer. The third painting on this page is called 'Green' and is an environmental metaphor about the struggle between the fabric of the environment and the forces that would destroy it. Environment is a theme that matters a lot to me, as is social isolation, and also the corrosive degradation of a capitalist market upon this planet.



I use symbols to communicate a language of my own ideas using fish bowls, ladders and granite to name but a few motifs. As a child I was very into sci-fi, this turned into an interest in surrealism/symbolism/fantasy and a fascination of the thin veneer between existence and the fragility of our world. The goldfish bowl symbolises a fragile eco system to me.