A la Poursuite de la Mouche qui Tousse

A la Poursuite de la Mouche qui Tousse, oil on canvas, 100x100cm.

As a teenager, Dominique Hoffer will see confirming two passions both of an uncontrollable need for freedom: Aviation and Painting. The aviation will focus all her energy, at first. Dominique will obtain her licenses of professional pilot and will exercise her profession within Swiss and South African airline companies.

In 1988, the time has come to begin her artistic route. Dominique gives up her cockpit. From now on, her tools are oil and canvas. She lives and works in Canton de Vaud, Switzerland.

Encouraged very fast by a numerous clientele developed thanks to the exhibitions in galleries, art shows, visits of studio, Dominique realizes in two dimensions her dreams ceaselessly renewed, exploiting her own surrealism: "I try to create an atmosphere, I install my elements in improbable situations and treat them in a realistic way. I try to obtain a surprising image, in which the look of the spectator is going to be captivated by the strangeness, without ever the boredom settles down."

A la Recherche du Sycomore Ambulant

A la Recherche du Sycomore Ambulant, oil on canvas, 100x100cm.