Gentle World

Gentle World - mixed media on vintage vinyl

I have been admiring 20th century surrealists'movement and art for a very long time.

I like their diversity- my favourite is the radical,abstract surrealist Joan Miro. I think the surrealism is not only in what you say and express, but how,in what way. Technics and symbols matter.The variety of expressing should be encouraged and boosted to new horizons.

Through Elements

Through Elements - collage of painted cut outs

My works are comprised of multi-layered realities and dreamlike narratives.There is always something out-there and beyond.Their starting point is usually personal and emotional.My canvases, collages and mixed media drawings offer labyrinth of "forking paths".

Not all of my works are surrealistic.They may well be related to expressionism and symbolism.I have an education background in traditional painting.I also studied printmaking and sculpture, and to teach art subjects.I have been exhibiting in the UK,Switzerland,Bulgaria and Romania.My works were selected for a few international exhibitions. I took part in several projects where my work broadened to 3D and assemblage,keeping the surrealistic approach.