SOME MYSTERY - A giant horned figure is embracing a man and a pregnant woman who has a tea cup in her swollen belly, a crescent moon and stars circle above them.

I am Jonathan Lovatt Ingram and I draw and paint surreal pictures. Strange images pop into my head unannounced and I do my best to record them accurately using the skills that I have acquired as a fully trained fine artist and ex-commercial artist.

My surrealist influences range from Max Ernst - in my opinion the greatest surrealist of all, through to through to the pop-surrealist HR Giger. However, I try to make my work as unique as possible and cliche free. I hate to repeat myself, but do sometimes like to develop a theme.


VOODOO MOODOO - Dreamscape with tiny figure surrounded by large, sinister objects and creatures including huge tribal looking head and panels with abstract designs.

The world is, to me, a strange and wonderful place and I try to communicate this through the imagery, which is often psychological in it's emphasis and existential in it's intention. I often include a mystical element which draws it's influences from ancient mythology - Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Indian; this remakes common human characteristics in terms of universal archetypes and puts human experience in a more dreamlike context which tries to countract the ultra-rationalism which currently blights human experience.

Some of my work is very tightly painted oneiric (dreamlike) surrealism, some of it is looser, more expressionistic - I paint the image in a style which I think creates the most impact for the subject matter.