Erotic Nightmare

Erotic Nightmare, oil on canvas, 90x120cm, 2015

I'm telling about my imaginations creating a paradoxical images, where the composition is principal.

From my early years in fine art I was interested in creations from the period of renaissance, baroque. I've made number of copies from old masters works and studied their techniques . Later I start to feel in my own and paint improving my unique techniques. However, for me the techniques is not the main motivation. It has to be flexible and improvable, serve as an instrument.

I was always interested in how would mankind look like and what will be his lifestyle after hundreds of years, what will be the colors of their life, what problems will be finally solved and what kind of new problems will appear. Questions and answers I'm trying to symbolize by means of drawing and painting. In the new long-term series I try to show episodes from the future life where the composition is primary.

But what are shown in the pictures? The mankind has reached a new development phase and continues to develop more and more coming near to the God. No wars, no religion, no governments, no money no dresses... The other forms of life slowly start to get consciousness and in their turn try to come near to the humans. The new relationship between humans and nature appear.