Survivor, oil on panel, 30x25cm, 2017

"To accept my dreams as a part of my life mostly prevents the fact that they seem strange. When you reach the castle, that seems too far, it becomes Detroit abandoned factory, which is covered by old and new painted graffitis, and native features flee and merge with unknown features. I try to speak but can not hear any answers. Damn it, at that time immediately Miles Davis switched on. When I look at Levon's paintings, I have the same feelings and I make sure that many of us have fears about the future.

As he admits, he paints, establishing on his own imagination and sometimes even dreams, which unwillingly creates new techniques. He tries to make his paintings activate viewers' imaginations and move them to unreal but faithful world. There is also irony about apocalyptical future in Levon's artworks. Rare human figures live condoned in that future, about which they cared before, but couldn't get the results they expected. Despite the disappointment , they absolutely fit the created future as the victim of future and as the main character of that chaos."

Narine Vardanyan (art critic)