To me, Surrealism is a form of Mannerism...
My video-animations link various fields including chess composition, programming, algorithms, psychological models, economics, interview...



I try to develop new kind of art in form of video or animation, based on chess composition and personality model (explaining psychosis). I have had only limited time, so the progress is a bit slow, but every year I make a step forward.

From Animation, Oct 2013, Holland Park, London
Parallax 12, Feb 2015, Chelsea Town Hall, London
Fading Memory, Sep 2015, Weißenohe / Nuremberg, Germany.

TIAF, May 2016, Tokyo

Personality Model, Santorini, July 2016
Logical model of Personality and Cognition with possible Applications, Daejeon, Nov 2016
Symmetry in Cognition, and its reflection in Society, Adelaide, Dec 2016
Psychological and other aspects of the sign arbitrariness, Geneva, Jan 2017