The Existence...

I consider surrealism being a part of Mannerism, with the focus on a dreaming reality... My video-animations reflect active knowledge of various fields including e.g. chess composition, programming, algorithms, psychological models, economics, interview...



In 1995, as a student of psychology inspired by natural science, I defined a logical model of personality explaining psychosis. I created (for my MA thesis, 1998 and grant research, 1999) new kind of tests assessing intelligence, creativity, prejudices, expectations to show more exact methods in psychology. During my Phd study in economics, I developed 'Maximization of Uniqueness (Originality)' model enhancing the classic utility to explain irrational motivations linking economics and psychology. Later I became computer programmer developing functional programming. According to Personality model (and my experience in chess composition), I've built server and client logic of information system in London, and produced visual art.

I presented the excerpts of 'Personality Model' in several articles, and later as part of my art exhibitions:
From Animation (Oct 2013, Holland Park, London), Parallax 12 (Feb 2015, Chelsea Town Hall, London), Fading Memory (Sep 2015, Weißenohe / Nuremberg, Germany). Another work: The Science is a subset of the Art extends Personality Model to art, society. In 2016, I presented Personality Model (and other ideas like Maximization of Uniqueness) art conferences in Santorini, Daejon, Adelaide, and most recently in 2017 in Geneva.

http://www.easyconferences.eu/issc2016/files/ISSC2016%20-%20The%20Book%20of%20Abstracts%2026072016.pdf http://www.mjubadukstudies.com/en/2016/11/05/kaistksbs-international-workshop-logical-foundations-of-strategic-reasoning/ https://symmadelaide2016.wordpress.com/notable-participants/ http://www.jyb-logic.org/as-c.html