I was born in a town near Tokyo, and live in Tokyo now. I was in a Japanese contemporary performing art group when I was young, around the end of 1970's. In those days I painted pictures, made strange dolls, wrote poems, and occasionally was a performer. Now I'm making artworks by pastel, oil painting, tempera, oil clay, photo, computer graphics, and so on.

It all started when I saw a picture of a soft clock thirty odd years ago. The picture was a door that led a girl to the world. The girl was imprisoned in a dark room of ignorance and anxiety. The girl was me. When I began stepping into the wide world with fear I thought I was in the outside world for a while, but in fact I was just moving towards my inner self... It was hard for me to live well in the real world, but the inner world was tolerant and forgiving, and freed me of anxiety. In there I enjoy loneliness, wander about and I meet all things of a shade.