Roger Dorey MA FBIPP
My work derives from many years of academic research and my own practice exploring not what I see but how unrelated objects chosen by random means and performances can 'point' to or 'hard-wire' an idea or emotional recall to its audiences. My imagery avoids the literal representation and obvious identity of an idea that has so often been the source of criticism within the discourses on photography. Surrealism serves this approach well.

Although primarily trained as a photographer I am skilled across many other media including painting, typography, printmaking, furniture design, interior design, sculpture and ceramics. Photography to me is a means or a tool to an end.

My approach is to create imagery by the juxtaposition of randomised objects or performances, such as chemical reactions, in front of my camera. I then use digital tools to both optimise and then present the final imagery.

My aim is always to make pleasing images that offer questions to the viewer. I embrace Surrealism's ambiguity, eroticism and irony.