People sometimes ask where is home sean, where is home? gambra was (is?) a tiny and chaotic gallery on cernínská in prague (not the tourist bit) that felt (feels!) almost like home when i discovered a few years back, turning round means near-misses ov destroying art. czech surrealisms a necessary response to (a) grotesque regime/s, how else can yu challenge institutional insanities? self-taught, found touchstones, finding surrealisms. incapable ov seeing the 'normal', the 'real', the ... this psychosis? been in hospitals enough - forced medications - how else yu challenge such institutional insanities? (did i write before). mad studies another home for this tyneside european.

p.s. find me reading a poem wings are giving out inspired by eva svankmajerovás many surrealisms at

pps. sen as in sentxt (image here) is czech for dream. now dream on!