A.K.A. Stevie The Fixer

I started painting in spring 2015 after retiring early and with no prior experience.
I divide my time between making/spannering things, working on flightsims and now art - mostly painting with acrylics. My ethos is "just batter on and hope for the best".

I mostly enjoy making amusing or bemusing images to (hopefully) brighten up the world but I have also made a very few "normal" works like World Heritage Bridge (the Forth Bridge+ a storm), "1909 Farman Voisin", "Vintage Slingsby T21 Glider" and "A Roaring Fire".




Here is "Carfish" - because many cars have a "face" that looks like creatures, for example Puegots & Sharks.


Mouse and Candle Hand-Drier

Mouse & Candle Hand-Drier

The "Mouse & Candle Hand-Drier" - my cutaway view of what I think is inside the less powerful ones.