Large scale paintings conceptually focused around idiosyncratic symbolism and its primal effects in conjunction with color psychology and component-detail abstraction. Imagery is derived from oracular literature, closed-eye hallucination, and pareidolic automatism satirically antagonistic toward contemporary zeitgeist. Neo-primitive rendering is intended to strike the psyche of the epicurean and pharisaic ideologue with emotional disquiet reminiscent of feelings of insignificance and fearful incorporeal conditioning when confronting the sublime.

Multiplicity of personal meaning is discernable in minute ways within each individual work, communicated in the diaristic recording of hourly psycho-emotional states directly into mark making. The "objectness" and beauty of the paint itself is at the forefront in each work. The manipulation of paint, as eternal matter, is in keeping with the embryonic, deific persona in the ability to conceive an object out of imagination and revelatory of the inner mind. The process itself is symbolic of human nature through the use of layering and obscured messages in each piece. The multilevel layers of meaning within the material, merged with symbolically imbued imagery, is akin to the micro and macro levels of the natural world from which much inspiration is derived.

As a summative process, the endgame is to arrive at a more profound comprehension of human pneuma and noetic reflections on behavior and the consequences on both the group and individual. By making something of the intangible palpable grounds conceptions in tangibility thereby enabling more effective recognition. Scale is designed to encourage viewers to powerfully experience and confront the image coequal to their own familiarity. It is the hope of the artist that the viewer may pause to reflect on the inner meaning of the visual language here used.