An illusion. That is what you are made to think of when you look at Zsolt Szatmari's creation for the first time. The Hungarian artist Zsolt Szatmari created his fiercely realistic work on the silver canvas screen in a fit of rage and desperation mixed somehow with romance. The use of the term silver canvas screen was a conscious choice, referring to the film screen. His canvases are like film stills, which you expect to come to life at any minute. You almost feel that the movement in the paintings are being finished or that there will be some kind of intervention from the outside.

You can of course see a connection with the works from Dali. He too had an ultra-realistic, photographic style. However, this would be too simple. Not only does Zsolt Szatmari's surrealism bring us into the world of the unconscious and dreams in the best Freudian tradition, but more than that it has another dimension, namely action. He has continued on from surrealism and moved into the comic book action hero world. You can compare him to the American Stan Lee, who is responsible for the Marvel comics characters X-man and Spiderman.